United States presidents and the drug use

A biography of former US President Barack Obama speaks of the president’s high school years when he used to smoke marijuana. The story is not new. Obama himself admitted to marijuana smoking in his youth, in the autobiography he published in 1995 (Dreams of my father). Obviously, this former habit of the president has woken […]

The MK-Ultra Project

MK-Ultra is considered to be a clandestine CIA program for mind control. It is supposed to have been released in the early 1950s and is based on works by some Nazi scientists who secretly slipped into the US after the Second World War; it seems that experiments have been carried out since then on citizens […]

Guillotine and its unpredictable origin

The Guillotine has appeared in the Middle Ages. The name “guillotine” dates back to the late 18th century or the French Revolution, but a similar machine has existed for several centuries, and was used in Germany and Flanders, and in England there was a known “hanging out of Halifax” which is supposed to have been […]

Telepathy Experiment

The purpose of this file is to serve as a guide for conducting experiments in telepathy or thought transference, over the BBS. First, some general background material on the theory of telepathy is presented. Then, the concept of the experiment is discussed. Finally, specific details for scheduling, conducting, reporting, and analyzing the experiment will be given. This […]

The Space Mysteries Surprised by NASA

Founded in 1958, NASA is the agency responsible for the United States public space program. Since then, it has become the largest space agency on the planet. During its history, scientists and astronauts have witnessed strange phenomena that have remained unclear yet. STS-115 MISSION The STS-115 mission was sent to space using the Atlantis missile […]

Medicine and the human machine

A Medical History In ancient Japan, teeth were extracted by dentists who used only their fingers. Hundreds of years ago, Chinese doctors were not paid by their sick patients, but only by those who they kept healthy. In the times of Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, people thought that the liver, not the heart, was the […]

Lucid Dreaming Frequently Asked Questions

Subject: Lucid Dreaming FAQ (Answers to frequently asked questions about lucid dreaming) Q. What is lucid dreaming? A. The term “lucid dreaming” refers to dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming. The “lucid” part refers to the clarity of consciousness rather than the vividness of the dream. It generally happens when you realize during the course of a […]